Carpenter, Andre
Davidson, Jacquelin
Middlebrooks, Tremell
Hancock, Stephen
Mitchell, Lynn
Burke, Bari
Davis, Tony
Miller, Melinda
Thomson, David
Sweeney, Keith
Allen, Yvonne
Hancock, Charlotte
Donnelly, Mike
Baker, Mary Lou
Bryan, Melissa
Cattaneo, Brian
Deck, Jessica
Parker, Angela
Pitoniak, Brian
Reynolds, Jeff
Sammons, Acacia
Rasmussen, Judith
Teeter, Kevin
VanGaasbeck, Michelle
Weed, Angie
Juntgen, Linda
Wall, Josh
Witkowski, Kristie
Stafford, Lisa
Anderson, Gary
Sawyers, Michelle
Cochran, Dale
Latta, Doug
Medford, Tiffany
Parker, Nelson
Henry, Rachel
Moore, Mathew
McCall, Erran
Wasco, Susan
Covell, Douglas
Swartz, Paul
Sweeney, Ally
Thompson, Chloe
Washington, Melissa
Morris, Rebecca
Anderson, Kelly
Blick, Douglas
Chiarelli, Phillip
Hyatt, Amanda
Evans, Lana
Smith, Kelly
Vivian, Bill
Williams, Amanda
Dean, Jueneville
Roth, Carrie
Blumer, Jan
Baker, Johnny
Weirich, Bobby
Holmes, Mike
Dominguez, Javier
Burns, Robbie
McCullough, Holly
Mercer, Tawny
Davis, Jonathan
Foote, Aisha
Rains, April
Calaway, Shane
Melanie Covell

  • "This course introduces students to the use of simple and complex graphic tools used to
    communicate and understand ideas and concepts found in the areas of architecture,
    manufacturing, engineering, science and mathematics. Topics include business meeting skills
    and goal setting strategies, classical representation methods such as sketching, geometric
    construction techniques, CAD, orthographic projection, and dimensioning."
  • "This course is focused on the principles, concepts, and the use of complex graphic tools utilized in the field of architecture, structural systems, and construction trades. Emphasis is placed on the application of CAD tools in the creation of floor plans, foundation plans, basic roof plans, wall sections, and elevation drawings. Skills in communication, mathematics, science, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving are reinforced in this course."--NCDPI
  • Summary Career Development 


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